What's Hydroponics?


What Is Hydroponics? Garden of Hydroponic Greens

New to the indoor gardening world?

You've probably seen words like "hydroponics", "aeroponics", and maybe even "aquaponics" thrown around a bunch.

Sounds confusing?

It all can seem a bit scary at first, but I promise getting started is way easier than you think!

You just want to grow healthy plants, not get a degree in Horticulture (yet!).

Today, let's talk a bit about what hydroponics is, why you should care, and how you can start your own hydroponic garden.

Usually, we grow plants in soil. No surprises there. It seems pretty necessary, right?

Hydroponics is growing without soil, and it's a great technique for growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs indoors.

"But wait, how will plants get there nutrients and water? They need soil!”

You’re right, plants do need nutrients and water, but we can provide that to them dirt free by soaking the roots in a nutrient and water mixture. Hydroponic systems let us do that. 

And guess what? Plants love it!

Since we can give our plants the exact nutrients they need they grow faster, can be grown more densely, and are just as happy and healthy as their brothers and sisters that grew up in soil (ok, maybe they're even a bit happier). Hydroponic greens are softer, taste better, and can contain 50% higher levels of vitamins A, B, C, and E.

It's great for us gardeners too, hydroponic gardens are low-maintenance and don't require tilling, spraying pesticides, fertilizer, are free of soil borne diseases, and don't require wedding (that's right, no more weeding!).

Hydroponics means less work and stress, more yummy food.

"Ok this sounds great, but it all sounds a bit 'unnatural', is this even organic?"

Let's talk about this one for a bit because I think it's a big concern for all indoor gardening. Neither herbicides nor pesticides are used in hydroponics.

They don't go in your plants and they don't go in your body.

What's great about hydroponics is that we are in control of the environment. We know exactly what's going into our food.

We can grow healthy crops in a consistent, reliable, and sustainable way.

"But why bother? Soil has worked fine so far."

Maybe you live somewhere that doesn’t have good year round weather for growing plants, now you can grow indoors with your hydroponic system and always control the climate.

Maybe you live in a city and don’t have a backyard to garden in. Hydroponics lets you bring it inside.

Maybe you’re a farmer and the more you can grow the better you can provide for your family. Plants grow more quickly in hydroponics systems.

Maybe you just want to grow in an enviromentally friendly way. Hydroponics uses far less water than traditional growing techniques, so you're helping conserve water.

I could keep going all day, but you've probably had enough!

We live on a beautiful planet and it’s amazing what grows right out of the ground.

But, there are a lot of great reasons to ditch the soil and grow plants that are good for your body in a way that's good for the earth too.

Want to get started?

Check out the SuperPonics 16 and the AeroFlo 18.  

They're both great for beginners, provide everything you need in a hassle free setup, and will have you growing in no time.

If you're really serious and want everything taken care of right down to the last detail then take a look at these grow cabinets

Hope that helps clear things up and you're excited about adventuring into hydroponics!

If you have any questions I am always more than happy to help and am just an email away. 

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