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Finding the right LED grow light is difficult. Everyone claims that theirs is the best, has the ideal most perfect of perfect spectrums, the most tremendous canopy penetration, and on top of that barely uses any energy. 

So who do you believe?

That's why it's a great idea to check out grow journals. They're maintained by independent growers (usually) that want to document and share their passion with other growers, no marketing speak allowed. If you want to know how a grow light will perform in the real world without actually trying it yourself, you've got to find a good grow journal.

To make it easy for you, we've compiled the best grow journals out their covering one of the top grow light companies out there - Amare Technologies.

Amare SolarEclipse 450 UVB

The Amare SolarEclipse 450 with UVB

Amare is a smaller company so you might not have heard of them yet. Their most popular lights are the SolarEclipse 450, SolarPro4 and SolarPro9. If you're looking for the best, they should definitely be at the top of your list. 

But, don't take my word for it, let the grow journals speak for themselves.  

My Amare Full-Bore Pro-4 Grow #1 by hybridway

Grow Lights: 1x SolarEclipse 450, 6x SolarPro4
Grow Area: 15’ x 4.5’
Plants: 9
Nutrients: Technaflora 

My Amare, Hydroponics Hut, & SunCloak Grow by hybridway

Grow Lights: 1x SolarEclipse 450
Grow Area: 10' x 4’ 
Plants: 9
Nutrients: Technaflora 

Amare SolarPro9 & SolarEclipse 450 UVB by smittywilson

Grow Lights: 1x SolarPro9, 1x SolarEclipse 450
Grow Area: 7' x 5’ 
Plants: 4
Nutrients: Emerald Harvest

Pep's Solar Eclipse 450 Lights Up Some Gorilla Glue by iampepe

Grow Lights: 1x SolarEclipse 450

Nutrients: FoxFarm Trio, Botanicare CalMag, Grandma's Molasses

A Builders Edge in Grow Room Construction. Dream room by BigSm0

Grow Lights: 3x SolarEclipse 450s
Grow Area: 9' x 3'

This one is *very* cool. The Amare SolarEclipse 450s are used for flowering in a flood & drain setup but the room also includes a veg area and drying cabinet.

Amare Tech SE-450 and Mephisto Genetics by BigSmo

Grow Lights: 3x SolarEclipse 450

Grow Area: 9' x 3'
Nutrients: TechnaFlora

Skywalker OG + Amare Tech SE450 LED (1000W) by Rundskop

Grow Lights: 2x SolarEclipse 450

Grow Area: 8' x 4'
Nutrients: General Hydroponics

AMARE HI-LED Adventure- Revolution to Revelation

Grow Lights: 1x SolarEclipse 220 (since replaced by the SolarEcipse 250), 1x SolarSpec 260, 1x SolarSpec 150
Grow Area: 5' x 5'

Nutrients: Sunshine Mix #4 and Pro Mix BX

Organic Flower Tent by HuntAK

Grow Lights: 1x SolarEclipse 350 (since replaced by the SolarEclipse 450)

Grow Area: 5' x 5'

Do-Nothing Garden by donothinggardening

Grow Lights: 1x SolarEclipse 350 (since replaced by the SolarEclipse 450)

Organic Soil Sips and Solar Specs by mrsilly

Grow Lights: 2x SolarEclipse 350 (since replaced by the SolarEclipse 450)

Done tearing through those grow journals and ready to join the White-Light revolution?You can check out our whole line of Amare LED grow lights here.

Do you have your own grow journal or can you recommend one that I missed? Drop it in the comments!

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