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The all new NextLight Pro Series and Home Series includes a range of full spectrum LED grow lights designed to meet the needs of commercial and home growers alike.

So, which one should you get? Pro or Home?

Before we get into what sets these lights apart, let’s talk a little about NextLight and why you should get one in the first place.

What sets NextLight apart

We’ve been working with NextLight for nearly five years. Their original product, the NextLight 525w, was one of the first LED grow lights to have a full white spectrum.


The original NextLight was one of the only lights on the market with a full white spectrum.


At a time when most competitors were promoting a “blurple” (only blue and red) spectrum, NextLight engineers built a full white spectrum LED grow light that they knew would give amazing results. 

This was a controversial decision, blue and red LEDs were much less expensive and the lights them using cost much less as a result. But, NextLight believed in their spectrum and knew it was only way to truly replace traditional grow lights.

Fast forward to today and nearly all of the best LED grow lights on the market are using a white spectrum. 

Since then, NextLight has only improved on their design and optimized their spectrum to push ahead of the competition. 

Taking care of growers

Having an issue with your light in the middle of a grow can be a disaster. 

NextLight knows that even with a well-designed and reliable product, there can still be unexpected problems. That’s why they created a warranty policy that will not only protect your light but could also save your plants. 

If you have any problems with your light, it doesn’t matter if it’s Pro or Home, NextLight overnight ship a loaner light to you for free. You can even use the box that your loaner light comes in to ship your damaged light directly back to NextLight for servicing. You can use the loaner light until your light is fixed or replaced and your plants will barely notice the difference.

This kind of dedication and support sets NextLight apart from their competitors.

If you have any problems with your light, it doesn’t matter if it’s Pro or Home, NextLight overnight ship a loaner light to you for free.

Pro or Home?

Let’s start with what the Pro and Home lines have in common. 

This is what you get with every NextLight:

  • A five year warranty, this includes the loaner light service mentioned earlier.
  • Amazing customer service
  • A full white sun-like spectrum that can take plants from seed to harvest.
  • Onboard dimming with settings for 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Super useful in early-stage growth or if it’s difficult to adjust your light’s height. 
  • IP65 water certified. Your lights are always going to be around water, if they can’t handle getting wet you’re asking for trouble.
  • Passive cooling. This means there is no fan. It may not sound like a big deal, but moving parts are usually the first thing to break and no fan means you’re going to have a longer lasting and more reliable light. 
  • 120V and 240V options 

Pro Exclusives

There are few features that set the Pro series apart. 

External dimming controls 

All NextLight Pro series lights are compatible with the NextLight Control Pro. This gives on/off timing, sunrise/sunset controls and a single controller can manage up to 500 lights. For grows that require more than two or three lights, having them all working under the same controller can save you a ton of time and hassle. 

Speciality lighting

The Pro series has the Veg8 Pro, which is specialized for vegetative growth, and the Plus Pro, a light designed for use in greenhouses. If you need this kind of speciality lighting then you’ll want to go with a Pro series light.  

Pro series lights are DLC Hort listed and UL8800 certified. This can be necessary if you’re applying for certain tax benefits for your grow operation. 

Only the Pro series has a 277V option. Make sure you’ve checked and double-checked your electrical setup before making a big purchase. 


As you can see, the Pro series was carefully designed with commercial growers in mind. For many hobbyists these features might not be necessary, but they can be crucial for growing profitably at scale. 

If you’re a hobbyist or a small scale grower then you’re going to love the Home series lights. You get nearly all the benefits of the Pro series at fraction of the price. 

A 4’ x 4’ grow tent with a 420h or a 4’ x 8’ tent with two 420h fixtures is going to give you amazing results. 

There’s two reasons that a home grower might want to go with a Pro series light:

  1. You want to use an external controller. Even for one or two lights it can be nice to have an external controller. You can set up the timer and then you never have to remember when to turn your lights on and off. Also, features like the sunrise/sunset modes can’t be replicated with the manual onboard dimmer. If you’re thinking of starting small and expanding later, it can be nice to have the option of using a controller in the future.
  2. You want maximum power. The 420h is a 420W light and the Mega Pro is a 640W light. If you want to grow the biggest plants or if you’re growing in something like a 5’ x 5’ tent and want to really optimize your coverage then the Mega Pro is going to give you the absolute best results. 


There's no way around it, if you want maximum power the 640W NextLight Mega Pro is the way to go.


For years, NextLight made lights targeted more towards commercial growers.

Now, with the Home series there are affordable options for the home growers as well.

Whether you’re growing with a single light in small tent or running a commercial operation with thousands of fixtures, you’ll get amazing performance, reliability, and support with NextLight. 

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