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From humble beginnings in 2008, Mars Hydro has grown in leaps and bounds.

When founder Mandy Hu first began to supply and sell LED's, she had no factories or warehouses, just a desire and determination to be the best in the market.

As sales began to increase slowly, Mars Hydro made sure to listen carefully to feedback from the few customers they did have.

From these interactions, they realized that what customers were looking for were competitive pricing, fast shipping, and reliable after-sales service.

Determined to be a leader in the LED market, Mars Hydro continued to expand its inventory and to adhere to the needs of their customers.

As the technology behind LED’s continued to advance, Mars was able to offer those new products at affordable prices.

Mars Hydro - The stores of LED lights ready to be shipped all over the world

The stores of LED lights ready to be shipped all over the world

Mars Hydro now has its research, design, development, producing, and testing teams that are continually striving to be the very best in the market for LED grow lights.

The people in these various teams come from all over the world. Some have backgrounds as greenhouse owners or are university specialists.

The team is passionate about bringing the optimum resources to the hobbyist and improving the products that Mars Hydro offers.

The past five years have seen the research team continue to improve their product with the 3watt single chip, the 5watt single chip, double ball-bearing fans, and reflector designs.

Mars Hydro LED grow lights in manufacturing process

Mars Hydro LED hydroponic lights ready for boxing

Mars Hydro LED lights go through a rigorous testing process before shipping

The steady research and improvements have led Mars Hydro on the way to becoming one of the most popular LED grow lights in the market today.

Located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong province, China, the Mars Hydro company has grown to employ about 190 workers that produce the LEDs and another 45 employees that facilitate sales, shipping, and customer service.

By putting the best practices learned from their customer feedback into place, Mars was able to expand its business to include warehouses and repair centers in the U.S.A., Canada, UK, EU, Russia, and Australia.

Mars Hydro continues to build on its success by adding new products like the sun-like spectrum LEDs, quantum board styles in the Mars TS & SP series LEDs.

As the LED industry makes advancements, Mars brings those advancements to the market.

As customer preferences have changed, Mars Hydro has responded with its popular grow tents and the variety of LEDs they offer.

Mars Hydro’s mission is to continue to listen to customer feedback and to offer the best competitive pricing and robust customer service.

They are committed to responding to questions and inquiries from customers in a timely manner and to keep their quality of product at the top of the line.

The Mars Hydro Spectrum

In 2019, Mars Hydro was very excited to release two LED grow light series. One of the new Mars Hydro series is SP and the other new Mars Hydro series is TS.

By using one of the Mars SP or TS series grow lights, you can save at least 30% in energy output as compared to traditional grow lights.

In keeping with their commitment to improvement, both of the Mars series SP and the Mars series TS use new SMD cards. Low current is used to power the lights, but there is also an abundance of them so that the light output is high.

The lights in both series are white in color. The white color produces a sun-like full spectrum that works well for all stages of your plant's growth.

Both the Mars SP and TS series put high PPE above 2.15umol/j and both of the series do not carry a fan design.

The new TS series are complete full-spectrum lights that use whole electromagnetic spectrums incorporated into quantum boards and are near to ultraviolet.

Plant development and photosynthesis depend on this type of light.

The new Mars Hydro SP and TS series are able to produce high yields for indoor gardeners. They produce near-perfect PAR/LUMEN outputs at 1095.6 umol and gives around 30% better yields.

Heat Dissipation and Cooling Systems

In comparing the two series, both the SP and TS will produce the same heat using the same wattage, but the thick heat sink design that accompanies the Mars SP series releases more heat than the Mars TS series does.

The Mars series SP is also waterproof, while the Mars series TS is not. If you happen to be good at controlling humidity, or if you are using your lights in an area that already has high humidity, then the SP series would be ideal.

As they have a wide range of offerings, the customer will be able to find what they need from germination to more mature plants and all of the stages of growth in between.

Mars Hydro lights ready to ship all over the globe

Mars Hydro runs an efficient manufacturing and testing process

Buy with Confidence

The Mars Hydro LED lights are ETL listed for both the United States and the Canadian market. They are CE, and Rohns approved for any EU market.
All components meet strict safety standards. Mars Hydro is confident that their product will perform as intended and has a three-year guarantee on all of their LED grow lights.

On top of that there is typically a 30 days money-back guarantee should you not be fully satisfied with the light.

A Great Partner Supplier

At, we are excited to have Mars Hydro as one of our trusted suppliers.

Currently, Mars Hydro is participating in trial projects in Greece, Netherlands, and Germany. As the company learns from each of these endeavors, they will apply that knowledge to the products that they offer.

Their commitment to providing the latest and best LED grow lights, assures us that we are getting the "best and brightest."

With their passion for continuous improvement as a company and their focus on customer satisfaction, we are looking forward to growing together.

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