New Product - SuperCloset SuperPonics XL 12 Hydroponic Grow System


The all new SuperCloset SuperPonic XL 12 is an all new, easy to use, 12 site hydroponic system that lets you grow big!

SuperCloset SuperPonic XL 12

It's perfect for growers that want larger plants then the SuperPonic 8 or SuperPonic 16 can hold but aren't quite ready for bigger systems like a Bubble Flow Buckets set up.

Want a quick rundown? Check out this video.

It uses the same proven, super effective, hydroponic grow techniques as the other SuperPonic systems but with more space for your plants to grow.

You may be wondering why the SuperPonic XL 12 is called the "XL" when it has four fewer grow sites than the SuperPonic 16. Well let's take a look!


The SuperPonic XL 12 is 11" wider and 2" taller than the SuperPonic 16. Your plants will have way more space to stretch out instead of bumping into their neighbors.


SuperCloset Superponic XL 12 Reservoir

The SuperPonic XL 12 has a 35 gallon reservoir, 10 gallons more than the SuperPonic 16. That's a lot more yummy plant juice for the girls to drink so they grow up big and strong.

Net Cups

SuperCloset SuperPonic XL 12 Net Cups

The SuperPonic XL 12 has 3.75" net cups compared to the SuperPonic 16's 3" net cups. Noticing a trend here? Bigger. Bigger. Bigger. These net cups will allow a larger root mass to develop more easily. 

So while the SuperPonic XL 12 has fewer grow sites, it's bigger where it counts. The increased space, reservoir size, and larger net cups will let you grow XL sized plants from seed/clone all the way up to harvest.

Ready to start? You can order your SuperPonic XL 12 here.

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