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New Lights from Amare have now arrived!

 Amare SolarPro3

These are the first bar style lights by Amare and feature powerful and efficient COB LEDs. The SolarPro3(aka the SolarPro 300) has 3 CXB3070s and draws 300 Watts while the SolarPro4 (aka the SolarPro 400) has 3 CXB3590s and draws 400 Watts. Both lights also have CREE XP-G3 and XP-E2 monochrome LEDs and use UL listed Meanwell drivers.

Amare SolarPro3

These lights are also easy to mount together so you can expand and customize them for your grow area. 

Oh, and if you're looking for something even more powerful, then we've got their big brother too. The SolarPro9

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  • Trevor
Comments 2
  • AllGreenHydro

    Meanwell Drivers used on the SolarPro: CLG-150-36A

  • JR Lopez
    JR Lopez

    What series model mean well drivers are used?

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