New Products - Johnson Grow Lights


I'm happy to announce that we now have the entire line of Johnson Grow Lights available in the store! 

Johnson LED Grow Light Maximizer

COB LED Grow lights have been getting more and more popular recently due to their efficiency and intensity. With COB LEDs you'll get stronger penetration and waste less energy as heat output when compared to standard 3W and 5W diodes.

Johnson Grow Lights provide a high quality and affordable way for you to try them out!

You can learn more about Johnson Grow Lights by checking them out on Heavy T's Grow Show. 

If you've got a smaller grow, then something like the CX-4 and it's 3 ft x 3 ft footprint might be perfect for you.

Have a bigger grow and want the best of the best? The Maximizer uses the latest  CREE CXB3590 3500K COB LEDs and has a huge 5 ft x 5 ft footprint with amazing canopy penetration.

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