New Products - Lifted LED Grow Lights


Lifted COB LED Grow Lights

I'm excited to announce that we now have Lifted LED Grow Lights available in the store!

You can order the City 9 and City 14 today, so definitely check them out.

Why should you grow with Lifted LEDs?

The Power of COB LEDs

Stronger canopy penetration, greater efficiency, lower heat output. COB LEDs are the latest in LED technology and Lifted's lights simply deliver higher PPFD than other lights on the market.

Full Spectrum

Each large white COB LED emphasizes critical PAR bands such as reds and blues as well as underserved green and yellow bands. This gives your plants everything they need to maximize their growth. On top of that, supplemental LEDs provide UV (ultra-violet) and Infrared (IR) light, parts of the spectrum often missed by LED grow lights.

It's a true full spectrum of light, you won't just be seeing purples. 

Wireless Control

Each Lifted LED can be completely controlled with a smartphone or tablet to maximize its spectral output. Time to promote vegetative growth? Ready to bloom? The app features presets for most common types of growth so you can grow easily and efficiently.

Want complete control? The app also allows you to customize the spectral output of the light to really dial it in and maximize growth.  

Satisfaction Guarantee

Lifted LED grow lights come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Unsatisfied customers may return their City 9 or City 14 for any reason within 90 days of the original purchase for complete refund.

Get yours today!

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