New Products - Lush LED Lighting


Lush LED Dominator Grow Light

We now have the entire line of Lush LED lighting available in the store!

You can get their full spectrum models such as the Dominator or their lights designed especially for vegetative growth like the Vegetator.

Need something big? Check out the Dominator XL, it has a 5 ft x 4 ft footprint and is their most powerful grow light!

All Lush LED grow lights come in either a standard or 2X version.

What does that mean? Well all of the 2X models come with additional lenses that will focus your grow light's output downward.

This is great if you want to mount your lights high above your plants canopy.

If you're growing in a grow tent or have limited clearance, then go with the standard model.

Start growing with Lush LEDs today

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