New Products - Optic COB LED Grow Lights



We now have the entire line of Optic COB LED grow lights available in the store!

All of these grow lights use the latest COB diode technology and offer a full white spectrum with powerful canopy penetration.

Want to replace your 1000W DE HPS? Check out the Optic 6, it has a 5 ft x 4 ft footprint and will give you the same results with nearly 40% energy savings.

Want maximum control? The Optic 3 is fully dimmable and can be completely configured via remote control.

Looking to grow a single plant or just start trying COBs? Then go with the Optic 1, it's perfect for a mother plant too. 

All Optic LEDs feature CXB3590 diodes, Meanwell drivers, a 5 year warranty, and can be shipped worldwide.


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