New Products - Pro MAX Grow LED Grow Lights


Pro Max Grow LED Grow Lights

The award winning Pro MAX Grow LED Grow Lights are now available in our store. 

They feature custom manufactured diodes that are perfectly designed for your plants. The Pro MAX Grow 1200 and its little brother, the Pro MAX Grow 600 both feature an all white spectrum that can handle every phase of plant growth.

Custom Diodes Make All The Difference

They're amazingly efficient. The Pro MAX Grow series sip power and are passively cooled (no fans required). No heat management required. 

No need for separate veg and bloom modes, your plants will flourish under the same light from seedling to harvest.

Pro MAX Grow LEDs Fresh Off the Assembly Line and Ready to Grow

Pro MAX Grow lights are assembled in the USA and feature a 3 year warranty and amazing grower support.

I first found out about these lights from Cen Cal Cultivator on YouTube. After seeing the results he was getting, I knew I had to make them available to all of you. 

Ready to start growing with Pro Max Grow LED Grow Lights

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