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Spectrum King LED

I'm excited to announce that we have the entire line of Spectrum King LED grow lights available in the store.

You have so many options when it comes to choosing the right LED grow lights, so why go with Spectrum King?

  1. All of their lights are designed to mimic sunlight with an all white spectrum. Why go with a small portion of the sun's spectrum when you can stick with mother nature's time tested recipe? With Spectrum King LEDs you're getting a full spectrum including IR and ultraviolet outside the visible spectrum.

    Spectrum King LED Spectrum

  2. CREE LED Chips. No other LED manufacturer pushes the boundaries of LED lighting technology like Cree. They provide the consistency, quality, and efficiency that you want powering the heart of your grow room. Spectrum King LED is one of the few companies that adheres to the strict quality requirements necessary to earn the "powered by Cree" badge.

  3. All Spectrum King LED grow lights are IP65 rated to be completely sealed against dust and moisture. They are UL certified and labeled so you can safely use them in commercial grow environments. You can literally clean these things off with a hose if you want. That's the kind of durability and assurance you want whenever you're putting electricity and water in the same environment.

  4. Each light is covered under warranty to provide at least 90% of its original output for three years. The SK600 and SK400+ have 5 year mechanical warranties and all other lights come with 3 year mechanical warranties. Look, all LED performance will degrade over time. Spectrum King is one of the few companies thats warranty doesn't just guarantee function, it guarantees performance.

The Line Up

Spectrum King LED SK600 Full Spectrum Grow Light 

Spectrum King LED SK600 LED Grow Light


The SK600 is the biggest and most powerful light Spectrum King has to offer. It's a 1000-1200W HPS replacement that draws only 650 Watts, saving up to 43.5% on your lighting costs alone. With a huge 25 sq ft (5 ft x 5 ft) flowering footprint you'll get gigantic coverage for your plants. 

Spectrum King LED SK400+ Full Spectrum Grow Light

Spectrum King LED SK400+ LED Grow Light

This is the newly updated (July 2017) model that is 10% more powerful than it's predecessor. It draws only 440 Watts yet offers a full 16 sq ft (4 ft x 4 ft) flowering coverage and is perfect for a grow tent (go for the 120 degree option unless you have ceilings over 8 ft). 

Spectrum King LED 140 Watt Mother's Lil Helper & Closet Case

Spectrum King LED 140 Watt

The newest lights to join the Spectrum King family, the 140 Watt Mother's Lil Helper and Closet Case give that extra oomph over their 100 Watt predecessors. They use 40% more energy but are over 60% brighter and are perfect when you want a single light in a limited space. 

The Closet Case has a 9 sq ft (3 ft x 3 ft) flowering coverage area and is a full spectrum light usable from seed to harvest. 

Mother's Lil Helper is perfect for taking care of your mother plants or as a purely vegetative grow light. It can cover up to 16 sq ft (4 ft  x 4 ft) for vegetative growth. It is not recommended to use this light for flowering.

Are you ready for a Spectrum King LED Grow Light? Check out the whole line here.

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