New Products - Titan Grow Lights by Cirrus LED Systems


The new Titan 3 and Titan 5 COB LED Grow Lights by Cirrus LED Systems are a dream come true for growers.

Cirrus LED Systems Titan 3 COB LED Grow Light

 Why am I so excited about these lights?

  1. They’ve got mCOB LEDs. These are top of the line COBs that are amazingly efficient and have stronger penetration than typical 3 or 5 Watt diodes.
  2. They're the first lights to come with UVB LEDs that will increase your plants resin production. Other lights might have supplemental UVB bulbs (or have no UVB at all), but the Titans are the first to do it with efficient LED technology. 
  3.  You get a fully customizable spectrum that you can dial in to your specific plant and strains.
  4. Complete, easy automation. With their Leaf App for iOS and Android you can control the timing and spectrum of as many lights as you want.

On top of that, these lights are UL listed, so you can safely use them in a commercial grow environment and come with a 5 year warranty to keep you covered if anything goes wrong. 

Cirrus LED Systems Titan 3 COB LED Grow Light

If you’re looking for the biggest, most powerful version of the light then go with the Titan 5, it will blow a 1000W HPS out of the water!

If you’ve got a slightly smaller grow space than maybe the Titan 3 is right for you. 

Either way, you’ll be getting a light that will give huge yields, amazing resin production, sips power, and is easy to use and customize!

Order yours today!

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