New Products - Unit Farm UFO LED Grow Light

Unit Farm UFO 160 LED Grow Light

We're happy to announce that we now have the all new Unit Farm UFO Series available in the store.

Unit Farm is one of the newest LED makers on the market and they're definitely worth taking a look at.

Their UFO LED grow light series features CREE and OSRAM diodes at an affordable price.

We managed to snag a few pictures of these grow lights in their manufacturing facility, let's take a look!


Unit Farm UFO LED Grow Light Production
Here's some UFO-320s almost ready to head out the door and start growing

Unit Farm UFO LED Grow Light 120
And the younger brother, the UFO-120 is ready to go too!

Unit Farm LED Diodes
The diodes plus reflectors to focus light output

You'll Only Find CREE and OSRAM Diodes in these Lights

There are so many different LED grow lights to choose from these days - so where does Unit Farm fit in?

They're the perfect middle ground.

They're more expensive some of the more affordable grow lights. But, they use high
quality components that will give you better results than cheaper lights or grow lights using older technology in their diodes.
At the same time, they're not so expensive that they're out of reach of everyone except commercial growers. 
If you've already been growing for awhile or you're new to the game and are serious about getting great results then check out the Unit Farm UFO series. They're definitely a contender.

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