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Updated 2017! All New SuperCloset Bubble Flow Buckets Hydroponic System **Now with Free Shipping ** 2

SuperCloset's Bubble Flow Bucket system is one of the most popular and effective rDWC (recirculating deep-water culture) hydroponic systems around.

That's why we're so excited to have the new and updated (2017) system now available!

Updated 2017 SuperCloset Bubble Flow Bucket System
Updated 2017 SuperCloset Bubble Flow Bucket System


So what's changed with this much loved system?

Here's the highlights:

New Sizes Perfect for Your Grow Room

The new version of the system is available in 6,8,10,12, and 24 site configurations.

Diagram of the Brand New 8 Site SuperCloset Bubble Flow Bucket System

The All New 8 Site Bubble Flow Bucket System

Before, only 6, 12, and 24 site systems were available and if you wanted anything different it required a lot of custom work. Now you can easily fill your entire grow room with a bubble flow bucket system. No more wasted space. 

Brand New Reservoir

The all new reservoir now holds 35 gallons, up from 25 gallons in the previous version.

The increased capacity means more time between water changes, more regulated flow, and the black color will help keep out light and prevent algea growth.

The new reservoir is also featured in the updated SuperFlow system.

Updated SuperCloset SuperFlow System with New Larger All Black Reservoir

Updated SuperCloset SuperFlow System with New 35 Gallon Black Reservoir

Top Quality Air Pump

The air pump has been upgraded to a VERY quiet oil-free linear air pump. This new air pump holds air pressure against resistance better than the original Eco Air 5 or 7. It doesn't run hot, so don't worry about it increasing your water temperature.

It will increase the overall health of the plants by keeping them super oxygenated and water temperature manageable.

FREE Shipping

Last but certainly not least - all Bubble Flow Bucket systems now come with FREE shipping!

It used to cost you up to $250 to ship one of these systems, but now we're charging the low low price of zero dollars to ship your brand new Bubble Flow Buckets system anywhere in the continental US.


The Bubble Flow Bucket System by SuperCloset has always been one of our most popular and effective systems. Now with these updates it's even better!

The larger reservoir increases your system's capacity and the upgraded air pump will keep your plants super oxygenated without increasing water temperatures. 

And now you can get it all with FREE shipping!

Do you have questions about the new Bubble Flow Buckets system? Already growing with one? Let us know in the comments!