The NextLight Plus Pro - Not Just For Greenhouses


The Plus Pro is part of the NextLight Pro series and is designed for use in greenhouses.

If you’re growing at home in a grow tent you might think this light isn’t for you, but don’t overlook it. 

We’ll explain why a greenhouse light could the best light to use in your grow tent.

What Makes a Greenhouse Grow Light

Since plants in a greenhouse are exposed to sunlight, grow lights are usually only used for supplemental purposes. Natural sunlight is the primary source of growth but depending on the season, weather, hours of daylight, etc, additional lighting is often needed to get the best results.

Supplemental greenhouse grow lights are designed to provide this supplemental lighting when necessary, while still letting the sun do most of the work.

To expose plants to as much sunlight as possible, greenhouse lights need to have small physical dimensions to minimize shadows cast on plants.

For similar reasons, greenhouse grow lights are usually mounted as high as possible. Being higher prevents the light from blocking any sunlight coming in. 

NextLight Plus Pro - The Ultimate 2’ x 4’ LED grow light

2’ x 4’ grow tents are some of the most common tents to use for home growers.

Most people have this kind of space available in their homes and it’s not as cramped as working with a 2’ x 2’ tent. This makes it great for beginners.

However, because of the dimensions, you can’t fit a light like the 420h into a 2’ x 4’ tent. There just isn’t enough space.

As a home grower, you might think your only option is to get a pair of 150h fixtures to fully cover your grow area, but you should also consider a Plus Pro.

As we mentioned earlier, greenhouse lights are a bit different from standard grow lights. Your main concerns when using a greenhouse light in a grow tent are the mounting height and light intensity. You can’t keep the light too close to your plant canopy or you’re going to have an issue with hotspots.

Hotspots are an area of intense light directly below your grow light. Intense light is a good thing, but if it’s too focused it can cause uneven growth in your plants. Anything inside the hotspot will be happy and healthy and everything outside will struggle.

For the Plus Pro, this won’t be an issue as long as your tent is at least 7 (and preferably 8) feet high or you couple it with a Control Pro to reduce light intensity. At this height, you can get amazing results with one Plus Pro and it’ll cost you less than a pair of 150h fixtures.

Two 150h fixtures together will give you a maximum output of 300W but the Plus Pro edges them out a bit with its 320W. You also have the option of using it with a NextLight Control Pro to automate your on/off timing and intensity levels.

You can also consider getting a pair of Plus Pro’s for a 4 x 4 grow tent. Compared to a Mega Pro, you’re getting the same 640W maximum output and performance, but for a lower price. You’ll have to manage two lights, but if you’re looking for the absolute best bang for your buck then this setup is hard to beat.

The Plus Pro uses the same all white spectrum, comes with the same incredible 5 year warranty, and is just as easy to use as the rest of the NextLight family. If you use this greenhouse light at home, you’ll get amazing coverage and growth from a sometimes overlooked but extremely powerful LED grow light.

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