Why You Need UL/ETL Listed LED Grow Lights


If you're setting up a commercial grow environment you absolutely need to make sure you are using LED grow lights that are either UL or ETL listed.


  1. If you're using non-listed grow lights, an inspector can shut down your entire operation for not being in compliance.
  2. You're assured that your LED grow lights are manufactured to the highest safety standards.

An inescapable fact of indoor growing is that we're mixing water and electricity. That's a dangerous combination. That's why it's so important to use products designed and tested for safety. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, you could damage the light, your crop, or even worse, someone could get hurt.

I don't want to paint too much of a doomsday scenario here, just know that it's a problem to be aware of and there's a simple solution:

Buy a UL or ETL listed grow light.

If you're just doing a small personal grow this might not matter too much, and that's fine. It's usually cheaper and easier to get a non listed grow light. But, for commercial grow operations, it's crucial that you get a safe and properly tested light.

UL listing is provided by UnderWriters Laboratories. This American company has been conducting safety testing for over 100 years and is the gold standard in the industry. ETL listing, provided by Intertek Testing Services, tests to the same standards as UL. Both of these companies are NRTLs or Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories and will assure that your lights are safe to use in the workplace.

Not sure if your grow light is UL or ETL listed? It's easy to find out. There will be a mark on the box as well as the light that will tell you. Just look for either of these symbols and you're good to go.

UL ETL Listed LED Grow Lights

Need a UL or ETL Listed light? Check out our collection of UL / ETL listed LED grow lights here.

Grow safe. Don't waste your time and money on LED grow lights that aren't certified to proper safety standards.

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