SuperCloset 9 x 9 Super Room

How long have you been dreaming about building the perfect grow room?

It's time to make it a reality.

Our grow room kits and/or LED grow tent packages are a simple way to get you growing. With our smallest grow room measuring a manageable 2' x 4' and our largest at whopping 10' x 10', we've got the right grow room for all your gardening needs.

Just looking for a barebones set-up so that you can take care of the rest of the equipment yourself? Check out our essential grow room kits! They come with a grow tent, LED grow light, an inline fan, and a filter plus the basic timers, controllers, hangers, and ducting that you'll need. We recommend the 5 x 5 NextLight Mega Grow Room for newcomers and enthusiasts alike.

Have specific requirements or want a completely custom grow room kit designed just for you? We'll design your grow room for free!

Grow Room Kits

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