Increase your yield by a full 30% while decreasing cooling cost with Lush LED grow lights!

Large grow operations have recorded a 30% increase in yield when replacing 1000W HPS lights with 1000W of Lush LED grow lights. Other large commercial operations have recorded a 50% reduction in energy cost while maintaining yields when replacing 1000W of HPS lights with 650W of Lush LED grow lights! 

Lush LED Grow Lights

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Lush Lighting Lumenator 2X LED Grow Light
Lush Lighting Lumenator 2X LED Grow Light
$355.30 $374.00
Lush Lighting Lumenator LED Grow Light
Lush Lighting Lumenator LED Grow Light
$346.75 $365.00

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Lush LED Grow Lights Will...

  • Increase your plants' natural oil and resin production by fueling them with highly energetic photos like UV light
  • Properly fuel photosynthesis to grow healthier plants with higher immunity to pests and molds
  • Produce low heat to keep grow rooms dry and cool during summer months
  • Simulate natural sunlight to help grow thicker roots faster

Increase your revenue or decrease your cost or your money back! Plus a 3-year warranty!

Trust Lush Lighting

  • Lush Lighting inspects every light for defects and confirms each item is built to high standards
  • Lush Lighting warranties products out of Michigan and claims are handled with urgency
  • Lush Lighting products provide Chlorophyll with what it needs and the accessory pigments with what they need so everything works in harmony
  • Lush Lighting products only use the highest output LEDs and most reliable power drivers so you can have peace of mind your lights will work day in and day out