Mars Hydro Mars 2 Series LED Grow Lights

Mars II LED Grow Lights

Amazing performance at an unbeatable value

These are the LED grow lights that Mars Hydro is famous for - a grower favorite!

If you're just getting started, are on a budget, and want something that you know will produce solid results then you can't go wrong with Mars II grow lights.

  • The spectral blend consist of 6 different LED wavelengths at 425nm blue, 460nm blue, 630nm red, 655nm deep red, 740nm infra-red, and 2700k-3000k for the whole growth cycle
  • Powerful 5 Watt Epistar LEDs give high intensity output to keep your plants happy and healthy
  • Rugged construction and a 100,000 hour lifetime rating means these lights are built to last

Mars Pro II LED Grow Lights

For when you need the best without braking the bank.

  • CREE and Epistar chipsets available
  • Improved reflector design to focus light intensity and properly mix the spectrum
  • Get the largest footprint and highest quality light that Mars Hydro has to offer

Mars Hydro Mars II LED Grow Lights

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