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Spectrum King LED full spectrum LED grow lights go beyond your everyday lighting. They are carefully designed and engineered to mimic the natural sunlight that your plants have evolved to use best. Your plants with grow healthier and you'll yield better harvests when your plants get the quality and intensity of the light they need. 

Spectrum King LED Grow Lights

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Spectrum King LED full spectrum LED grow lights consistently emit wavelengths in the range of 380 to 779nm. This includes those wavelengths visible to the human eye (what we perceive as color) and the invisible wavelengths, like ultraviolet and infrared. The SK402 and SK602GH LED grow lights truly mimic natural sunlight while matching intensities of traditional HPS lamps with over 100,000 Lux.

Why Spectrum King LED Grow Lights?

Energy Savings

While HPS lights require over 1,000 watts to produce the intensity needed for healthy plants, Spectrum King's full spectrum LED grow lights offer the same intensity while using only 460 watts with the SK402.

That's over 50% in savings without even factoring in the reduced cooling costs!

More Intense Than DE Fixtures

If you're using double ended bulb (DE) fixtures that use over 1,150 watts, Spectrum King can give you even more intensity with just 640 watts with the SK602GH. You'll spend less money on electricity and since they run cooler, you'll spend less on HVAC / cooling.

Clean, Sealed, and IP65 Rated

In a grow room, cleanliness is an important factor that affects your plant’s growth and your own personal health. Insects and pests are common in most gardens, indoor or otherwise, while stray soil and dust can easily clog equipment which can prevent proper ventilation. Spectrum King grows lights are IP65 rated, which means they are completely sealed from dust and moisture.

On top of that, the IP65 rating means you can spray your light with a hose without damaging the housing. Easy!

Fanless Design

This may not sound like much, but it's a pretty big perk. Many of today’s LED lights have fans for cooling but these fans have a downside. Bugs and moisture from humidifiers and misters can easily get sucked into the fans. Anything in the air of your grow room can get into the LED housing of conventional LED lights. The LEDs and their cooling fans get covered with sticky “garbage” and over time, lose cooling and even light performance.

If your fan breaks, your entire light becomes unusable and has to be repaired. Spectrum King LEDs have large heatsinks and are able to run cool enough that a fan isn't required at all.