Unit Farm LED CollectionThe folks at Unit Farm have over 9 years of experience working with LED grow light designers and brands. They've worked with indoor growers, universities, specialist growers, commercial growers, and research labs, and have used that knowledge to design new high quality and affordable  LED grow lights and grow tents. Their products have been widely used for commercial operations, greenhouses, research and hobbyist indoor growing.

Unit Farm LED Grow Lights

There is no shortage of low quality LED grow lights using unknown or poorly made diodes. These LEDs will not produce results for flowering, will burn out or degrade quickly,  and usually aren't covered by a worthwhile warranty.  The engineers at Unit Farm spent years dealing with this in other brands and decided enough is enough. That's why the built their UFO LED grow light series to be safe, high quality, low heat, low power consumption, high penetration, high yield, high power, and truly full-spectrum.

The Unit Farm UFO series is comprised of the two top brand LEDs: CREE and OSRAM so you know your light will have a high output and wont degrade over time.

All Unit Farm UFO LED grow lights come with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee and a 3 year no hassle warranty.

Unit Farm Grow Tents

With the UFG grow tent series, Unit Farm considered five factors in their design: fabric quality, reflective rate, pole quality, lighting leaking and flexibility of use. Light leakage is a huge problem in lower quality grow tents out there and they've put in the design and engineering required to make UFG grow tents light tight.

Waking up to find a collapsed grow tent is a disaster. But it's an easy one to prevent. Unit Farm UFG grow tents use high quality 1680D fabric, 19mm metal poles and corners, and even have fabric covers for the zippers so you can rest assured knowing that your plants have a stable home.  

Unit Farm grow tents are built with 100% non-toxic material.

Unit Farm

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