Grow cabinets are one of the easiest ways to start growing successfully!

They Come with Everything You Need

If you're new to growing, choosing the right gear can be daunting. Grow cabinets already have it all - you just provide the seeds, water, and love. They're the simplest way to get started and are designed by professional growers to ensure that you get great results with minimal maintenance.

They're Compact

Grow cabinets are all about efficiency in a tight space. If you don't have a full room to dedicate towards growing, it's not a problem. Our smallest grow lockers are about the size of a mini-fridge! A cabinet can easily fit into an already cramped apartment or bedroom. And don't worry, even though these cabinets don’t take up much space, you'll still be able to grow plenty.

They're Private

Our grow lockers are discreetly designed and lock up tight for when you're not around. The carbon filter system takes care of any smells that might bother your neighbors or anyone else nearby so no one will even notice your plants.

Grow Cabinets

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