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Current Culture Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic systems are an excellent way to grow big plants faster than ever before.

Our indoor plant growing systems will help you cut weeks off of your veg time, improve your yields, and let you completely control your plant's nutrient intake.

Which Hydroponic Systems is Right for You?

This depends on a few factors like how much space you have, how many plants you want to grow, and how you want to grow. How Many Plants?

There are multiple ways to grow with hydroponics, and a lot of it comes down to preference. Do you want to grow a bunch of smaller plants or would you rather focus on growing a fewer number of big plants?

For example, the SuperPonics XL 12 can easily handle 12 smaller plants in just a 2' x 4' grow space. The Current Culture H2O Under Current 12 XXL also grows 12 plants but is going to require a 10' x 28' grow area. The plants in the second system are going to be a bit larger, to say the least.

You will grow fewer larger plants if you don't mind taking longer to let them veg. If your goal is size, your harvest will also be affected if you have strict height limitations in your grow room. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with local laws as some restrict the number of plants you're allowed to grow at a time.

Complete Hydroponic Systems

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Our smallest complete hydroponic system, the SuperPonics 8 can easily fit into even the tiniest of grow space. Our largest Under Current Pro system takes up a whopping 35' x 60' grow area.

Your requirements are probably somewhere in between.

Be sure that you have enough space for your indoor plant growing system, and don't forget that even if the system can physically fit into your grow space you're going to want to provide room for your plants to grow too!

How Do You Want to Grow

We primarily carry Deep Water Culture (DWC) systems, which we've found to be extremely effective. There are other styles such as Ebb and Flow (flood and drain) and aeroponics that has their own benefits and requires special equipment and grows techniques.