Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights have an amazing performance and unbeatable value!

If you're just getting started, or on a budget, and you want something to produce solid results, then you can't go wrong with Mars Hydro LED grow lights!

These are the LED grow lights that Mars Hydro is famous for - a grower's favorite!

Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights

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The unique arrangement of light chips allows for even light distribution, and the light bar is detachable for growers to design their own preferred lighting system. FC-E Series has the most cost-effective multiple bars LED grow lights.

Mars FC Series LED grow light

With a unique arrangement of Samsung chips, the FC series shines evenly in every corner and perfectly achieves the PPFD standard required by plants of the whole growth stage, thus producing the most uniform crops. FC series has the best performance and efficiency among all mars hydro lights.

Mars TS Series LED grow light

Aluminum Enclosure & Patented Reflector design to maximize the use of light sources. With good performance and affordable price, it is the best-selling series of Mars Hydro.

Mars SP Series LED Grow Light

Using densely arranged Samsung & Osram diodes, SP series lights offer the strongest penetration. The aluminum fin heat sink dissipates heat quickly. High ratio of red in the spectrum is more conducive to the flowering stage.