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My name is Andre and I am from the Netherlands. For my tent I was looking for a good light and good advice. Although we didn't end up doing business I do want to write a special reccommendation for Trevor. He has been outstanding in his advice and patience with me and kept on looking for the best solution. In the end I made a choice for a Dutch LED company because this was the cheaper solution overall ( import tax etc ) but again Trevor had been nothing but a very good mentor and consultant to me. If I would get the chance tot do business with him i certainly will!

-- André from the Netherlands

Thank You. Your help has made this much less frustrating. Actually, because you have taken the time to advise and guide, your shop is my go to now. I wish I had met you sooner. 

-- Todd from Colorado

AllGreenHydroponics.com has the best customer service I have come accross. What ever system you purchase, you will not regret getting it from them. Great seller. 

-- MT 

Thanks Trevor for the support.

Your great customer service will ensure I buy from u guys and put some reviews on your website.


-- Ben from Colorado

Thanks for all your help and I will remember you in the future. I will be adding on later and helping my brother out to get setup so I will be back in touch with you in the future.  Thanks again for all your help buddy

-- Jason from Ontario, Canada

My husband and I really appreciate the amazing customer service. Things like this will make us switch from our usual company. We will definitely tell our friends about this company as well and hope to order again in the near future.  

-- Seana  

Boxes arrived in good shape, thank you for the follow up. I'm sure I will have some questions, and you have shown a willingness to help after the sale. I appreciate that.

-- Dale from Texas