New Product - Cirrus 1K LED Grow Light - 1000 Watts for Under $1000


The new 1K LED grow light by Cirrus is the first of its kind. 

Cirrus 1K LED Grow Light

A True 1000 Watt LED Grow Light for Under $1000.

For comparison, most high quality 1000 Watt equivalent LED grow lights draw under 700 Watts and cost at least $1300. 

There are only a few other LEDs on the market that draw 1000 actual watts, and they'll run you closer to $3000. 

Nothing else comes close to the 1K in terms of raw wattage per dollar. If you want high power for your grow, this is your light. 

Cirrus 1K LED Grow Light

You might be able to find other low cost LED grow lights online that claim to offer 1000 Watts but the Cirrus 1K is the first that can truly deliver results. It features 10 Driverless Flip Chip COB Ultra MAX diodes with over a 95% power factor so that all of that energy is going to light for your plants instead of turning into heat. 

Cirrus 1K LED Grow Light Didoes

What about the spectrum? Here's what you're getting with the Cirrus 1K:

Cirrus 1K Spectrum

The light is covered under a 3 year warranty so you're guaranteed to be growing strong for years to come. 

Download the spec sheet here.


Get your Cirrus 1K here.

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